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Membership Drive

The Solano County Chapter of Blacks In Government (BIG) holds Membership Drives periodically. These drives are designed to Share BIG's goals and objectives with the community and invite individuals to join the Solano County Chapter.

Check the Solano County Chapter Calendar on our Web site periodically for membership drive dates and upcoming activities.

Any Person who is in accord with the philosophy, principles, policies and objectives of BIG and agrees to adhere to the same may become a member of BIG with the consent of the Solano County Chapter Executive Committee and by paying Annual National membership dues in the amount of $35.00, Annual Chapter dues in the amount of $25.00 and a small Annual Regional assessment in the amount of $5.00.

There are three categories of individual membership: Regular $35.00, Associate $25.00 and Life $300.00.

[Chapter History] [Members] [Programs] [Calendar] [Join] [Photos] [Links]