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Chapter History

The Solano County Chapter of Blacks in Government was founded in the Spring of 2002 by a group of government employees in Solano County.

Blacks in Government (BIG) was organized in Rockville Maryland in 1975, and incorporated as a non-profit organization under the District of Columbia's jurisdiction in 1976. No single Civil Rights organization has at its sole objective the development and enhancement of Federal, State, County and Municipal African American civil servants.

BIG functions as a knowledgeable, problem-solving organization and is dedicated to:

Establishing and operating political and cultural programs such as the annual Multi-Agency African American Celebration to enhance the esteem and development of African Americans.

Eradicating all vestiges of unlawful treatment of African Americans.

Eliminating institutionalized discrimination, which creates barriers to full and equal citizenship.

Motivating African Americans to achieve full potential.

Sponsoring educational and professional training programs on a national level.

Advocate equal employment opportunities to include personnel selection, recruitment, promotion and upward mobility for African Americans.

Networking with African American civil servants on all levels of Government.

For more information about the Solano County Chapter of Blacks in Government please email us by selecting "contact us" on the web page.

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