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Solano County chapter BIG members Kerry and Carla Vine operate a nonprofit organization that assists families in shelter crises. Together, they organized a very successful food & clothing drive for the victims of the Hurricane Katrina catestrophy. They collected tons of items that the community dropped off at the UPS Store in Granada Hills. A KTLA news segment aired their drive on Friday evening September 9, 2005. The result was two to three tons of food, medicine, and clothing being delivered to their UPS "drop-off" location.
Kerry and Carla plan to adopt a family, fly them back to California, house them, employ them in one of their businesses, and help them get a new start. .
Kerry mobilized a trip to Houston with 24' rental trucks packed with clothes (especially underclothes and socks), toys, hygiene products, food, and water. He made contact with a minister in Houston to help him and his team distrubute the items directly with the survivors.
Workers organizing donations received from the community.