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Project BIG Vote is BIG's vehicle for participation in the political process in a way that assures maximum impact. BIG VOTE is designed to mobilize the resources of BIG behind Black America's need for political empowerment.

These photos were taken in October 2004 before the presidential election in front of a major Food center in a low income area in Richmond, CA. It was amazing to hear almost every registrant tell us that no one had ever come into their community to register them to vote. Solano County chapter members of BIG along with members of A. Philip Randolph Institute are shown here registering folks to vote.
In the old days, folks used ironing boards to register voters.
Solano County Chapter members and APRI members registering 18 to 30 year old voters at the Bay Area “Hip Hop Summit” October 3, 2004 at Laney College, Oakland, California.
APRI member with a well known rapper at the Bay Area "Hip Hop Summit".